Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics

Seamlessly combining a gas engine and electric motor, Lexus Hybrid Electrics recharge as you drive - so they are always ready to go. That’s just the start of what makes them the ideal choice for electrified driving. You can also expect instantaneous acceleration, responsive power, high fuel efficiency, exceptionally low emissions when compared to a conventionally powered vehicle, and a luxuriously smooth ride - all without a need for a change in driving habits or need to plug in.

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Introduction to
Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics

No need to plug-in. No need to change driving habits. No compromise in performance or fuel efficiency.

Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are electrified vehicles with some potent differences over pure battery electrics. With a Lexus Hybrid Electric, you never need to plug-in, worry about where the next charging station might be, or change your driving habits in any way. Just get in and go.

World’s First. Worlds Apart.

Lexus introduced RX Hybrid Electric - the world’s first luxury self-charging hybrid electric - more than a decade ago. Since then, we’ve continued to push boundaries and pursue new innovations. Today, we offer more luxury hybrid electrics than any other manufacturer in Canada. Test drive one for yourself and find out what millions of Lexus Hybrid Electric drivers around the world have already discovered - power, exercised wisely, is a beautiful thing.

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Made in Canada. Made for Canada

RX Hybrid Electric is not only the original self-charging hybrid electric luxury SUV, it is also built at our internationally renowned plant in Cambridge, Ontario. With features like AWD and heated rear seats, it’s the ideal vehicle for life in Canada - and just one of many great Lexus Hybrid Electrics to choose from.

How Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics Work


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics combine a technologically advanced gas engine with a powerful battery and electric motor(s), and the intelligence to automatically select the best combination of gas and electric based on your driving needs. Because the battery re-charges both as you drive and during braking, you never need to take time out to plug-in, and you’ll visit the gas pumps less often when compared to a conventionally powered Lexus.


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics deliver an extraordinary blend of power and fuel efficiency; breathtaking acceleration and supremely quiet ride; engaging driving dynamics and blissful peace of mind.

Experience the Benefits of Lexus Hybrid Electrics

Lexus Self-Charging Multi-Stage Hybrid Electric

A world’s first, Lexus’ Self-Charging Multi-Stage Hybrid Electric technology takes the hybrid experience to an exhilarating new level.

A finely tuned 4-speed gearbox, added to the existing eCVT (Electronic Continuously Variable Transmission), creates a hybrid electric system that simulates a 10-speed transmission. That evokes the fiercely connected feel of selecting gears yourself -- using steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Available now on the Lexus LS 500h and LC 500h, the Self-Charging Multi-Stage Hybrid Electric is our latest innovation, and a taste of the dynamic innovations that are just down the road.

Benefits and Ownership

The Decision is Easy

Beyond their exceptional performance, Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are easy to use and maintain, and environmentally friendlier than conventionally powered vehicles. In short, they are everything you expect of a Lexus - and so much more.

Hybrid Electric Ownership

  • Service and Maintenance

    Every 8,000 km. That’s how often you need to return for regularly scheduled maintenance - exactly the same as a conventional Lexus gas model. And you’ll enjoy the same award-winning Lexus Precision Service.

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  • Warranty

    Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are covered by the same comprehensive warranty as our gas powered luxury vehicles plus an 8 year/160,000 km Hybrid Component and 10 year/240,000 km High Voltage Battery warranty.

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  • Roadside Assistance

    Every Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric comes with standard Roadside Assistance that offers additional peace-of-mind for 48 months with services that stretch from emergency roadside assistance to personalized trip planning.

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  • Reliability

    We’ve sold over 1,000,000 Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics worldwide - each designed and engineered to the same renowned standards as our gas models. Which means that you can count on them to be exceptionally reliable and durable.

  • Leasing or Financing

    Lexus Financial Services makes it easy to get into the Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric of your choice. Choose from a variety of competitive terms and rates. You can even get pre-approved online.

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Every time you drive a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric, you reduce your impact on the environment. With their ability to operate in electric mode only and optimize fuel use at all speeds, Lexus Hybrid Electrics give you all the power you need, while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions, and helping us all move towards a cleaner future.

  • 1

    Reduce Harmful GHG Emissions

    Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are up to 70% cleaner than gas burning engines and diesels*, all while delivering dynamic handling and exceptional performance.

    * Based on North American sales data and Federal Tier 2 engine emission standards, hybrid electrics create 70% less smog forming emissions and 30% less CO2 compared to similarly equipped conventional and diesel powered vehicles

  • 2

    Regenerative Braking

    Collecting otherwise discarded energy and reusing it as driving energy is another way that Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics get the most of every litre while reducing CO2 emissions - and your carbon footprint - at the same time.

  • 3

    Electric Mode Only

    Under optimum conditions, a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric is capable of driving using electric power alone. That means less reliance on fuel and fewer emissions in most city driving situations.

  • 4

    Battery Recycling

    Lexus is committed to the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle, and have pioneered the recycling of the batteries, motor magnets, and rare earth metals used in our Hybrid Electric technology.

  • 5

    Improved Fuel Efficiency

    Depending on the vehicle, the mix of city versus highway speed driving, your driving habits, and how heavily the vehicle is loaded, the ability for a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric to operate in electric mode only or in combination with the gas engine can significantly extend the distance between fill-ups, while dramatically reducing emissions versus a gas-only vehicle.

Meet the Lineup

Lexus offers the widest range of Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics of any luxury manufacturer in Canada. From high performance sports cars to high capacity SUVs, choosing one to fit your lifestyle has never been easier.



Lexus was the first to pioneer full luxury Hybrid Electrics and we’ve been perfecting our approach ever since. Together, over a million drivers like you have travelled countless kilometers all over the world, powered by our leading Self-Charging technology. If you have an additional questions about Lexus Hybrid Electrics, please explore our FAQs or contact your Lexus Dealer.

  • A hybrid electric vehicle has two power sources: a gas engine and an electric motor. In a full hybrid electric system – like our Self-Charging Lexus Hybrid Drive ­– both sources can power the car on their own, or they can team up to work together.

    Our Hybrid Electric system monitors your driving conditions and seamlessly controls the flow of power. The result is increased efficiency, lower emissions, and optimised performance. At the same time, a Lexus Hybrid Electric recharges its hybrid battery as it drives. Which means you never need to plug in or wait for a charge.

  • Gas engines perform best at constant speeds, while electric motors are great for accelerating and for cruising at low speeds. Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicles harness the benefits of both.

    In a Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric, an innovative Power Control Unit continuously monitors driving conditions, and selects the best power source for any given moment -- seamlessly switching between the two, or combining both. The optimum choice is made for you, so you can enjoy enhanced power, swift acceleration and dynamic handling.

    As you travel, any excess energy is routed to the battery for charging. The regenerative braking system also captures energy normally lost in the act of braking, and uses it to help recharge the battery. All of this working together delivers both remarkable fuel efficiency and low emissions. In fact, when you are driving with electric power alone, your car generates almost no emissions whatsoever.

  • At Lexus, your safety and of those around you, is a driving force behind everything we do, and every advancement we make. That’s why Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicles are designed and engineered to the same rigorous standards as our conventional gas models. It’s why the battery pack and any high voltage components are well protected from casual contact.

  • A hybrid electric vehicle only uses fuel when it really needs to. When you’re travelling at low speeds, your vehicle will seamlessly switch to electric power. This means a hybrid electric car is efficient, economical and has low emissions, even when you’re accelerating. With the ability to use both sources of power – gas engine and electric motor – your vehicle’s overall performance is optimized across all speed ranges.

  • Unlike some other systems, Lexus Hybrid Drive can run purely on electric power at lower speeds. This means exceptionally low emissions, and great efficiency. Competitor systems tend to have much smaller electric motors which only work alongside the gas engine – they can’t power the car alone.

  • There’s no need. The intelligent Power Control Unit monitors your driving conditions and seamlessly controls the flow of power, to lower emissions and boost performance when you’re on the road. From start up, to acceleration, mid-journey, and deceleration, the optimum choice is made for you.

  • There’s no need to charge your Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric – it’s always ready to go. As with a conventional vehicle, the battery can go flat if it’s not used for an extended period. But that’s unlikely. And if it does happen, the gas engine will start your car. In addition, the battery is recharged as you drive so that you never need to plug in or wait for a charge.

  • It depends on the level of battery charge, the driving conditions, and how heavily your car is loaded.

  • As with any car, it’s still important to pay attention to the driving conditions, and take extra care when needed. Always avoid driving if there are severe weather warnings.

  • Never. Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electric vehicles never need plugging in – they recharge as you drive.

  • Yes. Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid Electrics are covered by the same comprehensive warranty as our gas powered luxury vehicles plus an 8 year/160,000 km Hybrid Component and 10 year/240,000 km High Voltage Battery warranty.

  • Our focus on safety extends to safety professionals. That’s why we created Emergency Response Guides to assist first responders and help them to act accordingly in the event of an emergency or collision with a Lexus Hybrid Electric vehicle.